Johns Hopkins Children’s Center gets a boost with 18th annual radiothon

Excerpt from the Baltimore Examiner,
by Danielle Ulman

Children at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center grow accustomed to doctors and medical lingo. But they got a dose of excitement Thursday morning with a visit from MIX 106.5 DJs JoJo Girard and Reagan Warfield.

The young patients helped launch the hospital’s 18th annual radiothon, a four-day fundraising event through 6 p.m Sunday.

The event has raised $9.5 million over the last 17 years, and organizers hope to reach the $10 million mark this year, said Dr. George Dover, director of the Children’s Center.

The money raised will buy items insurance does not cover, like beds for parents and wagons instead of gurneys for the children, Dover said.

“Dollars are important, but having Matt here is a real morale booster,” he said. “We’re going to be here for you 24/7. And we can be here for you because of people like (Ravens kicker) Matt Stover and MIX 106.5.”

One patient, Wanya Carter, 10, arrived the Children’s Center on Sunday with abdominal pain.

His mother, Lagwen Turner, said Wanya had gone through a barrage of tests but was not bored because the hospital had movies and games.

Wanya said he was excited to meet Stover, even though his stomach hurt.

“I got to hold his Super Bowl ring. It was kind of heavy, and it had all these purple and white diamonds on it,” he said.

Stover stepped up with a $10,000 check from his charity, the Matt Stover Foundation, with assistance from NFL charities.

“People say to me, ‘Matt, you’re a hero.’ But I see the kids and the nurses and doctors here as the heroes. I’m grateful to have a place like the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to take care of our children,” Stover said.

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