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The Matt Stover Foundation

Our Focus

The Matt Stover Foundation is a non profit organization that was formed in 2002 to centralize the Stover family's contributions. The foundation will only make gifts to be used for charitable purposes. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Matt Stover Foundation is to provide financial support to under-funded educational, religious and other charitable organizations. 

The foundation is not a vehicle to promote Matt Stover or his name in the community. Matt is adamant that all foundation proceeds are placed in the hands of those in need. Matt established this foundation to promote organizations supporting good will, positive beliefs and community values. 

The Matt Stover Foundation plans to continue to focus it's charitable work in the Baltimore community. The foundation will provide gifts to worthy causes and programs throughout all sectors of the community without prejudice. Programs that benefit underprivileged children are close to Matt's heart, but he has not dedicated the sole purpose of the foundation to serving only the youth. 

Our background


For the last 15 years, matt stover and his wife debbie

have made generous private donations to community-based charitable organizations. Matt yearned to do more. On June 18, 2002, Matt formed the Matt Stover Foundation, Inc to pool his donations with funds from other individuals and organizations. The result has been greater assistance to those who need it most. 

In 2012, the Matt Stover Foundation provided over $100,000 to community organizations throughout Baltimore. The foundation budget is projecting at over $170,000. 

mission & focus

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