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The Matt Stover Foundation

Get Coached up by the best simply Uploading Video from your Phone

Matt Stover is a co-founder of Kicker Tips, which is a revolutionary platform using virtual coaching. Here is an excerpt explaining Kicker Tips:

Have you ever wanted an evaluation of your kicking, punting, or snapping game from a professional? Why not get one from some of the very best?

Upload your kicking videos to our cloud, an NFL professional will then critique and mark up your kicking, punting, or snapping film. You will receive the video with coaching from some of the best athletes to ever play the game.

Coaches of Kicker Tips

  • Matt Stover
  • Michael Husted
  • Josh Scobee
  • Nick Novak
  • Dave Bradder
  • Neil Racker
  • Matt Nelson
  • Kyle Richardson
  • ​​Sam Koch 
  • ​Matt Katula
  • Justin Snow

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